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Chartered Flights


Cargo Flights

Kush Air will cater for all your cargo needs. Our planes are able to carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo. We will deliver your cargo securely and directly to your preferred destination.

Investment Law

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Humanitarian Flights

In the past decade Kush Air has been instrumental in providing safe passage into the war ravaged areas of Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Our humanitarian flights have allowed a large number of organizations including United Nations to access areas that could not be reached by road. Kush Air is trusted not only to deliver passengers and cargo into areas of need but also to conduct swift and secure emergency evacuations. Our wide and continued experience in navigating the rough terrain of Uganda and East and Central Africa makes us the first choice in conducting humanitarian flights within the region.


Medical / Evacuation

Kush Air provides Medical Evacuation flights in collaboration with health service providers ie AAR and IAA. However, our customers may choose their preferred medical service provider for ground transportation to their hospital of choice. Kush Air is able to provide an air conditioned plane with a comfortable interior best suited for medical evacuations.