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About Us

About Us

Fly International Jobs Uganda Ltd works round the clock to provide employers easy access to a wide, targeted audience of job seekers. We understand that when it comes to outsourcing recruitments, one cannot take chances with time or talent. That’s exactly what we are here to ensure.

We offer enriching and rewarding employment opportunities across the globe for experienced professionals, contractors and expatriates looking to expand their horizons through working abroad.


Fly International Jobs Uganda Ltd works to be the leading Professional Recruiting Company in Uganda providing unmatched services to our clients.


To transparently search and recruit the best talent available in any given market and keep you informed every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Value for Money

Our prices at Kush Air is amazingly fair and affordable for all classes

Fast and Safe

We have teamed up with the industry leaders to provide the best in operational security during our flights. We can provide evacuation services from any location under the most trying of circumstances.

Diverse Destinations

Complete your personal or business goals with our wide range of destinations